Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My New Book

Here is my new book.... okay so really my son and I were making up stories this morning and drawing pictures... mine is actually a true story.... ENJOY!

"Fountain Fishys"
A chilling true story by the author of the terribly uninspiring novel "Desco"
Wendy Stenzel Oleston

First there was Goldie...
Then there were fountain fishys...

There were no more fishys after Goldie!

The End
(no pun intended)
copyright pending
Don't even think about stealing my story or I'll stick you in my fountain and let the dog have at you!

Behind the book: We have a fountain in our backyard and in the summer time we always put goldfish in it to keep the mesquitos and other bugs from invading. Our prior dog, Tori, never once bothered the fish. But... our new dog, Goldie... well let's just say she is true to her breed... a retriever. The minute I put those fish in the fountain, she became obsessed. She would stand there and stare then attack! I had some ladies over that first night, and they can attest... it was hilarious. This dog actually got IN the fountain... all fours and stuck her head underwater.

I was able to protect the fish for about 4 days... then... while I was napping, my hubby let the dog outside unmonitored. Later, 4 fish were found laying on the ground dead. I was hoping we would be able to save the rest of the fish but systematically she got them all one way or another... except the last one. I brought him inside to be Brett's pet. Sadly, "Orange Legs"(Brett's clever name for the goldfish) only survived 2 days in the fish bowl.

We are never going to get fountain fish again... but Brett is the proud owner of a new Betta... "Spikey." Hopefully Spikey will last for awhile. I am tired of flushing fish. "...give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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  1. NY Times Bestseller list here we come!!
    Will there be a sequal?? "Fishies revenge" perhaps?

    Love ya!!