Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful 2010

This Thanksgiving day2010, I am thankful that:
  • My family is healthy and happy (happy most the time anyway)
  • My husband is so patient, loving, understanding and forgiving. He is surely my better half.
  • My husband loves his job and gets to work from home.
  • My son is so creative and makes me smile... and never holds a grudge :)
  • My son is doing well in Kindergarten, has a great teacher and is having fun learning.
  • I am still sober.
  • God led me to a new therapist that diagnosed me with ADD.
  • An awesome scientist created Adderall.
  • My gall bladder is GONE!
  • My new dentist isn't a thief and I don't have 9 cavities as the liar dentist told me. Thank you Dr. Jason Zimmerman (new friend and pediatric dentist) for referring me to the most honest dentist I have ever met, Dr. Dan Hong, Precinct Line Dentistry, NRH
  • God placed me with a wonderful Bible Study small group... Mary, Beverly, Cindy, Davonna, Earline, & Cathy - I will miss you while we are on break!
  • I lost some old friends but learned some very hard but valuable lessons from it.
  • I gained some amazing new friends... Suzi B., Cindy Midkiff, Stephanie C.
  • I am getting to know some new ladies I really like... Cindy Maxwell, Karin S., Jamie W.
  • I am fully committed to one church home, Peace Lutheran, Hurst!!!
  • Dustin and Kellie are still my friends.
  • My friend Suzi is the kind of friend I can tell anything to and know she is gonna love me anyway.
  • God allowed me to help Celebrate Recovery at COH get started!
  • My new pound puppy, Goldie, is a total joy and not a big pain in the butt!
  • We found Man's Best Friend NRH to help us train our dog correctly.
  • I still have a wonderful sponsor who is always there for me (hugs and kisses to you).
  • The "Heart Smart" retreat was such a success! And through the planning, Stephanie showed me true friendship and how taking friendship slowly really pays off. Thank you Stephanie!!!
  • That Heather came back from Cambodia and is healthy, happy and engaged to Richie.
  • My husband supports my weekend retreats away from the world!
  • With my hubby by my side, I caught my first fish in Florida... Surf Fishing!
  • Brett and I had a super fun summer together... swimming, crafts, bass pro fun camp, my mom visited (very thankful for that), Lido, Dallas Aquarium, play doh, playing restaurant and zoo keeper... just to name a few.
  • My hubby had the skills, patience and desire to fix several broken things on his own... sprinkler system, car window motor, washing machine... just to name a few.
  • We had a wonderful camping trip to Devil's Den State Park.
  • I have wonderful, caring In-Law's.
  • Vanessa moved to Texas (and I am super proud of all her progress and growth)
  • Marissa and I didn't drown at the Water Gardens! And that she came to visit and we had a great time together... I love you Marissa!!!
  • We are going to be in Virginia with my parents at Christmas!!! I haven't seen my dad all year and I will get to see my sister and her family too!
  • Facebook allows me to keep up with my sister and her family (I love you Kristi, Brian, Alyssa and Reiley).
  • Facebook reconnected me with two wonderful people from high school... Jennie and Stephanie.
  • Jennie calls me every time she chops an onion.
  • That attending my high school reunion is not required by law.
  • We have the best babysitter in the world for my son... Rachael is awesome!
  • There is at least one flavor of gluten free and preservative free crackers I like.
  • I have kicked my caffeine addiction completely and have learned to love water.
  • I finally broke down and got a smartphone! I'm not obsessed with the computer anymore 'cause its at my fingertips.
  • We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with some wonderful people (thank you SO much Jamie)... and I only have to make mashed potatoes and pie :)
  • God shows up even when I don't.
  • God loves me enough to want to show me that all I have to be is me, nothing else needed. I'm fighting it... but I'm trying.
  • Jesus lived and died for me.
And to think with all the ups and downs this year I was worried it would be one of the worst ever... its turned out to be one of the best! An attitude of gratitude truly does pay off.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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