Sunday, January 08, 2017


Apparently my most recent blog post got some people stirred up. Some people have become very concerned about me to the point that they have interfered in my life. The ironic thing is their interference has caused me lots of pain instead of being helpful. This is exactly why depression and suicidal ideation is important to discuss. If no one ever talks about it then no one can ever truly understand it. I am frustrated that my honesty of this struggle has created turmoil not only in my life but in some other people’s lives.

The book I am currently working on is about this very issue. It is a story about two people who struggle with depression and how they work through it. It will not be a depressing downer of a book. It will be very uplifting and provide hope to not only the people who struggle with depression but to the people who don’t understand depression.

It is my hope that understanding can come from my honesty regarding the subject. If you read my blog post and immediately jumped to the conclusion that I am mentally unstable or unhealthy, let me tell you clearly my mental state has never been better. The mere fact that I am willing to discuss it says that I am healthy. It is the people who do not discuss it that need to be reached and cared for. That was supposed to be the message behind my blog post but apparently the message got missed by some people.

 I have nothing further to say on this post except I will do this book and it will change lives. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and can focus more on their own issues than trying to fix everyone else’s. Blessings to all of you.

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