Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Hi Brett's Mom!"

In Texas, I used to go up to Brett's school and read to the kids so whenever I would be up at the school, lots of kids knew me and would run up to me for a hug or call my name, of course in most cases my name was simply "Brett's Mom". My favorite kids were the ones who wanted to tell me about their accomplishments for the day... like one little boy who I knew had some discipline troubles couldn't wait to see me on his good days so he could say, "I've had a green day ALL day today!" This would be followed by and enthusiastic high five! I made it a habit to give another little girl a big hug every time I saw her because she seemed to need a few extra hugs in her life. Last week I realized that one of the things I really miss since we moved to WI is my school drop-off and pick-up hellos from the little ones. I loved hearing little voices calling out "Hi Brett's Mom!" or "I'm over here Ms. Wendy!!!!" My pick-ups and drop-offs here have been quite silent.  It made me sad to come to terms with the silence.

Still feeling a little sad, something really cool happened. I was walking out of Brett's new school after dropping him off and one of only 2 kids I know happened to be walking by me.  My ears heard a little voice say, "Good morning Brett's Mom!"  My sadness ran away in an instant and I began to smile, in fact, those simple words totally made my day.  I have no doubt it was God giving me that smile and fulfilling a simple need. It motivated me to go up to the school and figure out how I can volunteer. I am happy to say, tomorrow is my first day of reading to the kids! I am so excited for it too. This is just a small little story to show how God constantly fulfills my needs, big and small, all the time. I bet I don't even notice it a lot of times. Thank you God... and I'm sorry for all the ones I don't notice... THANK YOU!

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