Thursday, February 06, 2014

Writing Again!!!

I am so excited to say... I am writing again!  And not only writing, but writing fiction.  I have not done that in YEARS.  How did it happen???   Here's how...

My husband bought me a tablet for Christmas and I wanted to see if I liked reading on it so I ordered a book called Silence by Natasha Preston on Kindle just to try it out.  I discovered I liked reading on the tablet.  I also discovered... I like Natasha Preston!  Her writing reminded me of my own from years ago when I published Desco.  Reading her work inspired me to get back in the game.

With a new vision for my writing (Christian fiction) I started writing As Is right away and finished it in only 14 days!  God fed me the story and I typed!  It has been edited and reviewed by several test readers getting excellent reviews!  I am currently working with an excellent photographer (Gutzman Photography) for cover art and I am waiting on a theological review of my writing to be complete... waiting is hard!!!

I will be publishing on my own again, by choice.  It will be available on Amazon as a paperback and an ebook on Kindle.  Not sure about Nook???  My hope is to have it live by Mid-March but we will see!

Here is the write up on As Is:

Life had been nothing but hard for Mara Shaw.  One bad relationship after another left her as a single mom with no faith in anything. A move to get away from the past and a declaration to never allow herself to be hurt again gave her a new start.  What she didn’t know was how much of a new start she was really going to get.  He showed up and showed her the truth.  While the truth was ugly and hard to accept, it was also the key to her freedom.  Would he be the answer to all her dreams?  Or would a new nightmare take over her life?  It was up to her to choose.

I just started a twitter account  @wendyoleston if you'd like to follow my writing updates.

My writing goal: Give something of value to the world instead of taking something valuable away

Blessing to all of you out there...


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